Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shapes in Nature

At the start of the year I wrote down every theme onto each day of the calendar.  So every night before I go to bed I check the next theme and start coming up with ideas.  I wasn't completely sure how to tackle this theme but here's the problem - I had written down "Shades in Nature" which I didn't understand.   I finally thought I was really rather clever coming up with this picture because it shows different shades of green and shows part of the leaves in the shade.  But then I logged on and saw Kim had already posted and realized that the theme was actually "Shapes in Nature."  First fail of the year.  Not bad after 260 days I guess...

1 comment:

  1. I don't consider it a fail - there are free themes at the end of the list that were always intended to be a "wild card" where you could substitute anything theme or image of your choosing in place of one on the main list! So Shades or Shapes, either one works!!! And those shades of green and brown create a nice natural shaped frame for the landscape beyond.