Thursday, September 13, 2012


Have you ever wanted to literally devour a book?  This book arrived on my doorstep TODAY!  It's the first book I have ever pre-ordered on Amazon and it's not just any old book.  This book is going to be the most loved and tattered literary piece to adorn my bookshelf for years to come.  THIS BOOK was written by my friend.  MY FRIEND.  When I opened up the package I spontaneously burst into tears. She started writing a food blog years and years ago.  I read it from day one and was obsessed.  I checked for new posts on an almost hourly basis.  She even mentioned Charlotte's birth on one post! I am truly amazed at her accomplishment and cannot WAIT to start reading.  Congrats Loopy Loo xoxo


  1. Pre ordered on my kindle! Much congratulations Luisa!!!!

  2. Me too, Luisa. I can't wait to start tonight. Congratulations.

    And Gemma, I love this picture of you.

  3. Alright I'm already 4 chapters in.... Love it!