Monday, May 21, 2012


Today I went to a magnificent business called Spirit Ironworks right in Bayport. In this picture, the anvil on the bottom is from around the Civil War time and was forged in England. The one on top is from the 1920's and forged in Brooklyn. The man who owns the place was so accommodating and if I had had more time, I could have spent the day there. He is a collector and 'user' of anvils - an ironmaker and blacksmith. There was a fire to the left of this, where the embers were glowing scarlet and the warmth coming off it made me want to stay there on this damp day. He had another anvil twice the size of these that was 400 lbs. Since he knew the theme was 'heavy' he picked up the top one, put it on the other and said, "Now you have really heavy." I found his place absolutely fascinating.

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