Friday, December 7, 2012


It seems to happen to us all the time.  We (ok, it is usually Seb) start a project and then find we don't have the right tools to finish the job.  Our deck is literally falling apart.  So Seb decided to dismantle the side board.  We don't have the right tools to remove some of the random shaped screws on the inside of it.  So our deck will probably look like this until at least spring...
Weird this picture is CRISP and clear on my computer but when i transfer it to the blog it almost looks blurry in the wood.  Why is that??

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  1. I have sort of the same problem whenever I go from Picasa to the blog. It looks great until I post and then it seems out of focus. One off the top of my head is TABLES.
    Regarding your tool dilemma, we do have a hardware store, you know, so if there is something you need, put in your order...Ace is the Helpful Place :)