Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Last night, I texted Gemma that maybe we could change the theme for today. Ultimate Thrill. Running out of ideas and both of us working today. She said we had made it this far, let's give it a try. Reluctantly I agreed - she was right.
Driving this morning, I passed these gorgeous creatures and realized this type of draft horse - the Clydesdale - gave me my ultimate thrill nearly 20 years ago. I was working an event at Belmont Park where The Budweiser Clydesdales, among other guests, were present. We became friendly with the people taking care of them and late one night, when no one was around one of the guys asked if I would like to ride one of them; something I am sure is royally frowned upon. We brought one of these magnificent animals into the deserted arena and they let me ride him. He was as big as an elephant and yet the ride was as smooth as silk.  It was, for me, the ultimate equestrian thrill. This beautiful horse at Martha Clara Vineyards made me think of that night. A night I will never forget.


  1. This beauty was walking behind the barn as I married Greg! We have a pic with her in the background

  2. What a thrill!! That's awesome

  3. I want to ride a Clydesdale. It would be nice to not have my feet drag on the ground.