Wednesday, October 31, 2012


D is for Deserted. Desolate. Decrepit.
I pass this chicken coop every work day. Its one of three out buildings that are disintegrating into the earth.

I spoke with Gemma via text and they have been out of power and internet. They are doing ok so when she gets back online she will piggyback her photos onto mine. Miss you Gemma - Hope your power returns pronto.

The Letter D

D is for Disaster, Damage, Devastation.  We got our first bit of news (thanks newspaper delivery boy) on wednesday morning and the full extent of Sandy was made known to us.  Our block seems to have been spared miraculously. A quick walk around the neighbourhood and we have seen houses with trees that sliced them in half.  Just awful stuff.  This is at Hecksher Park (remember those stripes pictures that Kim took?).  Charlotte normally rides her bicycle on this path around the lake.  Alas, the lakeis now full of all the fallen willow trees.  So sad.

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