Saturday, October 13, 2012


At Heckscher Museum Park today we found these trees, wrapped in what looked like knitting. Up close we discovered they are recycled plastic bags.....

Knit For Trees, Recycled Plastic Bags

"About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute worldwide. Knit For Trees comments on the ecological disaster while acknowledging the futility of the fight."


  1. The trees must be cold, to need Limb Warmers.

    1. They aren't cold now but they will be in about a month!

      Kim - I take the girls to this playground all the time and when I saw the theme for yesterday I had a sneaky suspicion these might catch your eye!! Gemma x

  2. That sure is an original, great capture.

  3. I was wondering what the theme was for Saturday and what you might find during the photowalk. It would have been an easy guess if I'd know the word for the day!