Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I have to tell you why I have THE WORST PICTURE ON EARTH today. This morning, on our way to a bike ride, I saw a shop that said 'pipes sold here'. So I went in and gave her the spiel to take a picture. She took me in the locked back room and had to leave the register unmanned. All the pipes in the back were water pipes! I asked for an old - fashioned tobacco pipe and this plastic one was all they had. I couldn't do anything interesting at all so this is what i got. I figured I would try something else later. But I left the camera in the truck on the bike ride, ended up along a river of a water treatment plant and was inundated with pipes but no camera or cell phone. Thought I would get it back at the house but as soon as I arrived home, Matt's friend needed to go to a walk-in clinic after breaking his toe on the boathouse. He's fine but my picture is not. Tomorrow is another day. :)


  1. Sometime the comment makes the picture!! Sounds like your day was a bit insane. But oddly enough I really like the simplicity of this shot. I almost ended up at a pipe shop myself!

  2. certainly not one of my favorite pictures but most definitely my favorite story so far! don't you love those days! The pic reminds me of my Uncle Bill...