Thursday, August 2, 2012

Panning shot - motion

This is the hardest technique I have ever tried with photography.  I read a little bit about it (get the moving object in focus and the background blurred was the general idea).  I tried for about five minutes with a VERY good subject (thank you Mum for running back and forth at least ten times).  This is as good as it got but I do want to practice more with the technique when I next have some time!


  1. I think you and your Mum nailed this one. She is a good sport. Were the Olympics inspiring her?
    This was definately the hardest technique yet. If we have a chance of do-overs, I would choose this. Between the boat rocking in the waves, me worrying about the boys jumping, other boats in the area and shutter speeds, I had a devil of a time.

  2. Great job at panning - you definately captured the sense of motion and got the right composition to give your Mum space to keep running into the picture.