Friday, July 20, 2012


Considering how much my parents have done for me, the LEAST I can do is make sure I stock up on a couple of their favourite items when they visit.  The list is a tad bizarre...
  - lemons for hot water
  - tonic water for Dad's gin & tonic
  - birdseed (well it looks like birdseed) which they sprinkle liberally over their    breakfast
  - Rooibos tea
  - lemon & ginger tea
  - champagne
  - fresh berries (even in the depths of winter) and bananas
  - muesli (must be the no-sugar added variety)
  - and last but NOT least.... cashews.  A GREAT BIG PLENTIFUL SUPPLY of    cashews.
So now, if you ever have my parents to stay... consider this your shopping list.

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  1. The list for Gemma and Seb is - nappies, pasta, pesto, whiskey, mango sorbet,proper tea in the correct porcelain mugs in the afternoon, milk, fruit dependent on the season, and the odd glass of pinot noir but not merlot!! Great guests though!! lol