Thursday, July 19, 2012


I hate the sound of this windchime. It's noisy and it clanks in the wind. It's sound is hollow and harsh and just makes me angry. I changed it to heat map because this is how I feel when I hear it. I should just take it down but I never do.


  1. Kim, if you are looking for permission to trash the wind chime, you have it!! You show your anger very well! The only reason I can think of that the noise maker hasn't met it's demise is that it was a gift, and I think the gift giver would agree... bye bye chime!

  2. Dianne, you are right - I don't take it down because it was a gift. The top is a horse and I feel so guilty every time I go near it with taking it down in my mind. I like tinkly, sweet, soft chimes. Everytime I am on the porch and I hear it, I say to no one in particular, "Why do I keep that noisy thing?"