Friday, April 20, 2012


Started out very uninspiring. First I went to a local bait and tackle store and bought a fly for fishing. The man in there was really nice and I thought it would work for a picture. Then I had to pick up boys from baseball practice and I know there is an airstrip close to the school. After driving around I found it and the man in there was really nice as well. An old-time pilot. He invited me back to see his pictures from Africa that he took after years of being a private pilot there so one day when I have time I might head on over there.


  1. Love that you gave it an "old" feel. You should read "west with the night" a great memoir of a female pilot in Africa, she was also in to horses but I can't recall if she (beryl markham) writes about the horses in her book.

  2. Gemma, I cannot believe you suggested that book. Its one of my all time favorites :))))))
    Each day more and more things come out that we have in common. xxx